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How PromoterHost Followers Works

PromoterHost Followers uses an ingenious mathematical algorithm to help you generate followers. You will be asked to click "follow" to five referrers. If you decide at a later date that you do not like their content, you can unfollow them. However, PromoterHost follows asks you to agree to "give them a go" for one week. Anyone that you refer will also be asked to "give YOU a go" for one week, also.

Profiting from your Increased Influence

PromoterHost Followers highly recommends this program. Many people like to monetise their social media accounts and will want to promote something reputable that generates an income to their followers.

Important Tip

It is very important that you make quality tweets and facebook posts in order to retain the interest of your new followers. PromoterHost followers can definitely help you attract thousands of followers, but whether you keep them or not depends on the quality of your content.


Once you have your PromoterHost Followers referral URL, all you have to do is promote it on facebook and twitter. This is extremely easy to do, because anyone who's anyone is interested in more followers! When those people refer new people, your facebook and twitter profiles will show on the referral page, which asks the referral to follow you on facebook and twitter.

This process continues, five referrals deep. So, if you personally refer 10 people, and each person is able to do so for five generations, you can easily have attracted tens of thousands of new followers.

How many Followers can you get?

Theoretically, you could leverage PromoterHost Followers to generate millions of new followers. However, this would take a little bit of paid advertising. Most people will not be that enthusiastic; so let's say the average person is simply pasting their referral URL around, doing their best to attract new referrals and they get five referrals in one week; and let's say every other referrer does the same thing for 5 levels -- the original referrer will have 3,125 new followers on facebook and twitter.

However, if you attract dozens, or even hundreds of new referrals yourself, there's no saying how many followers could be generated, but it could very well be in the tens of thousands. Given some time and persistence, that number could very well be hundreds of thousands, even without paid advertising.

It all depends on how enthusiastic you are about promoting your PromoterHost followers URL. The more you promote it, the more followers you will attract. You do not just have to post it on twitter and facebook; you can promote it on forums, email lists, safelists, whatever. However, no spam!
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